AccessHD DTA-1010U DTV Converter

AccessHD DTA-1010U

AccessHD offers four models of DTV Converters. This is one of the medium priced models. The primary difference between the two models is one comes with a universal remove and one doesn’t.

This model is the medium priced version which includes a universal remote. The major value in using a universal remote is its ability be used with other devices, such as your TV and VCR. It also reduces the number of remotes you need to have.

If you are looking for the AccessHD model without the Universal Remote you are looking for the AccessHD DTA-1010D.

This medium cost converter is great for providing a way to use your old analog television with the new Digital Broadcast signals. This particular converter receives both off-air UHF and VHF digital television stations.

This converter is easy to set up. This device is used by connecting your current antenna to the back of the unit and it will convert all of your local OTA (Over the Air) Broadcast stations into analog TV format. Then this converter is simply hooked to your TV by standard composite video cables (RCA).


  • Universal Remote Control
  • Multi-language: English, Spanish, French
  • Coupon Eligible Converter Box (CECB) - NTIA Approved
  • Receives and Displays All 18 ATSC Formats
  • Sleep Timer
  • Composite Video Jack
  • Closed Captioning
  • Stereo Audio Jacks
  • Remote Control
  • Coaxial Cable
  • V-Chip
  • Smart Antenna Port
  • External Power Adapter

Additional Information

Manufacturer: AccessHD
Model #: DTA1010U
Dimensions: 8.6″W x 6.4″D x 1.6″H
Weight: 2.1 lbs

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  1. Rony Recinos Said,

    July 22, 2008 @ 9:14 am

    Date of purchase: 7/01/08
    Location of purchase: Cook Brothers 1740 N. Kostner st. Chicago, IL.
    Serial #:ETA0803013172
    Comment: I used the box for 2 weeks, after that it doesn’t work any more. The standby indicator shows a red color, but the green indicator doesn’t work.
    I called on 7/21/08, to the service department and the assisten told me that need to disconnect the box from the electricity, I didn’t but it still doesn’t work. I need to know what can I do now, o how can I to send you the box for a replace. I went to the store and they didn’t want to exchage the box.

  2. Steven Bennett Said,

    August 28, 2008 @ 2:27 pm

    Date if purchase was sometime in June.
    Location of purchase was at a Radio Shack in Bergen County northern New Jersey.
    Serial number: U0018599
    Model number: DTX9950
    This model sounds much like the example above, after two weeks of use the box lost more then half the channels then all of them together. After unplugging everything and reconnecting with different wires I still had the same problem. days later I would get some channels with a very low signals in the red. Every once in a long while a local news channel will barely gain enough strength into the yellow. However, the signal terrible and nothing is guaranteed for long.
    When I first bought the box from Radio Shack it enhanced number of channels and signal strength was alright between the yellow and green but after the two weeks nearly all except two channels are left. The Spanish and Korean channels.

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