Coship N9900T DTV Converter

Coship N9900T

The Coship N9900T DTV Converter, is a moderately priced convert box. It has all the normal features required by the ATSC and NTIA. This converter also includes a Smart Antenna Port which allows you to easily connect your smart antenna. Together these devices work hand in hand to make receiving OTA (Over the Air) DTV a breeze.


  • Fully ATSC compliant for USA with NTIA Certification
  • Receives ATSC Terrestrial broadcast Channels 2-69
  • Decodes all 18 ATSC DTV standard formats
  • 256 colors on screen display (OSD) supported
  • Data service output through VBI and OSD
  • Multi-language OSD (English, French, Spanish)
  • Multi-language audio supported
  • Multi-language Subtitle output supported
  • EIA 608 Closed Caption
  • Parent control (V-chip)
  • Smart Antenna Port
  • Composite Video Jack (Yellow RCA Plug)
  • Stereo Audio Jacks (Red & White RCA Plugs)
  • 75 ohm RF Video/Audio Jack (Coaxial Cable)
  • Remote Control

Additional Information

Manufacturer: Coship
Model #:N9900t

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