DTV Converters

Dual Receivers - Analog and Digital

These receivers will receive digital signals and allow you to connect your current analog converter box to it..
What does this mean for you?
These receivers will allow you to receive all of signals which you currently receive over analog in addition to all of the new digital channels. This is ideal if you are unsure whether or not your television station has switched to digital broadcast yet. Currently, as of April 2008, only 94% of all OTA (Over The Air) Television stations broad cast in the new digital technology.

In short if you want to be sure you will still receive all of the available channels before and after the switch, then these receivers are your best bet.

Digital Receivers

These receivers are only capable of receiving the newer digital signal.

What does this mean for you?
In short these receivers are ideal for users who know that their (OTA) Television station has switched to the newer digital broadcasting. These receivers will not receive the older form of analog broadcasting. With roughly 6% of stations still broadcasting exclusively in analog, you may not receive all of the same channels that you currently do with your standard analog box.