DTV Converters: Online Retailers and Features.

DTV Converter (CECB) Retailers   Web Sites Features   Explanation
AccessHD DTA1010D FreeDTVshop,, Happy Iguana, SavingLots Smart Antenna Port
AccessHD DTA1010U FreeDTVshop Smart Antenna Port, Universal Remote
AccessHD DTA1020D FreeDTVshop  
AccessHD DTA1020U FreeDTVshop, SavingLots Universal Remote
Artec T3A Pro FreeDTVshop,, BSAT, Consumer Electric Group, Data Action LLC, NewCast  
Channel Master CM-7000 FreeDTVshop,, Data Action LLC, SummitSource S-Video
COSHIP N9900T FreeDTVshop,, BSAT, Data Action LLC, SavingLots Smart Antenna Port
DigitalStream DSP7500T FreeDTVshop,, Global HD LLC, NewCast, SavingLots, Twister Group Universal Remote
DigitalStream DSP7700T FreeDTVshop, Global HD LLC, NewCast, Twister Group Analog Pass-Through, Universal Remote
DigitalStream DTX9900 FreeDTVshop Universal Remote
GE 22729 FreeDTVshop,, Global HD LLC, Happy Iguana, SavingLots Smart Antenna Port
GE 22730 FreeDTVshop, Global HD LLC, SavingLots  
Goodmind DTA1000 FreeDTVshop Smart Antenna Port
Insignia NS-DXA1 FreeDTVshop  
Lasonic LTA-260 FreeDTVshop,, SavingLots  
Magnavox TB100MG9 FreeDTVshop Analog Pass-Through
Magnavox TB100MW9 FreeDTVshop, Happy Iguana  
MicroGem MG2000 FreeDTVshop,  
Philco TB100HH9 SummitSource,, BSAT, Global HD LLC, SavingLots, SummitSource Analog Pass-Through
RCA DTA800B FreeDTVshop, BSAT Smart Antenna Port
Sansonic FT-300A FreeDTVshop,, Global HD LLC, SummitSource  
Tivax STB-T9 FreeDTVshop,, Compu Parts and More, Consumer Electric Group Smart Antenna Port
Winegard RC-DT09 SummitSource,, SummitSource, Winegard Direct  
Zenith DTT900  

Retailer Web Sites

  • BSAT
  • Compu Parts and More
  • Consumer Electric Group
  • Data Action LLC
  • Global HD LLC
  • Happy Iguana
  • NewCast
  • SavingLots
  • SummitSource
  • Twister Group
  • Winegard Direct

Feature Explanation

  • Smart Antenna Port: Allows for easy integration with a Smart Antenna
  • Analog Pass-Through: Has in input feature which allows you to connect your current analog receiver. This will allow you to continue receiving your low-power analog broadcast stations.
  • Universal Remote: DTV Converter includes a remote which can be programmed to control other devices.
  • S-Video: DTV Converter has S-Video Output

Coupon Eligible Converter Boxes - CECB

All of the converter boxes listed above have been certified by the NTIA and meet their requirements. Each of these converter boxes can be bought using the $40 coupon provided by the US Government. All of the retailers listed to the left accept these $40 coupons. You can apply for a coupon at

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