Goodmind DTA 1000 DTV Converter

Goodmind DTA 1000

This product is the same as the GE 22729, only this product has a metal casing.

The Goodmind DTA 1000 digital-to-analog converter box from Goodmind has been optimized to help you make the transition from analog to digital broadcasting in 2009. This converter box simply hooks up to your analog TV so you will be able to receive over-the-air digital broadcasts. This new broadcasting will allow you to view more programming with the “sub-channels” available from many digital TV stations. The new broadcasting techniques allow you to say goodbye to fuzzy analog channels. This government mandated transition is happening on February 17, 2009, so be ready!


  • NTIA Approved Coupon Eligible Converter Box (CECB)
  • Receives and Displays All 18 ATSC Formats
  • 75 ohm RF Video/Audio Jack (Coaxial Cable)
  • Remote Control
  • Closed Captioning
  • V-Chip
  • Converts digital signal for use with non-digital TV
  • Meets federal standards for using TV Converter Box Coupon Program
  • Easy 1-2-3 step installation
  • Includes full-featured remote
  • Supports Dolby Digital Surround Sound
  • Composite audio/video and channel 3 or channel 4 output
  • Parental controls
  • Full television program guide with favorite show reminder Intuitive program menu
  • Sleep timer function
  • Selectable picture output: full screen, letter box and 4:3
  • Supports closed captioning
  • Selectable English, Spanish & French onscreen display
  • Online and call-in support

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