Lasonic LTA-260 DTV Converter

Lasonic lta-260

This DTV Converter by Lasonic features many of the standard features that you would expect to find on a DTV converter. This moderately priced converter box offers some impressive results, out performing much of the competition. Its Silicon Tuner, which is a new technology than the “can” tuner, allows for better quality control, less heat output. To better understand the difference between the two types of tuners we have included related articles below.

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  • NTIA Approved Coupon Eligible Converter Box (CECB)
  • Receives and Displays All 18 ATSC Formats
  • Composite Video Jack
  • Stereo Audio Jacks
  • 75 ohm RF Video/Audio Jack
  • Remote Control
  • Closed Captioning
  • V-Chip
  • Sleep Timer
  • Silicon Tuner
  • External Power Adapter
  • No Lights on Standby
  • Multi-language: English, Spanish, French

Additional Information

Manufacturer: Lasonic
Model #:lta-260
User Manual: Lasonic LTA 260 User Manual

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  1. Ed Grens Said,

    July 4, 2008 @ 6:07 pm

    I purchased this DTV converter box because it was the only one offered by AAFES. So far, it seems to do well since it offers audio/video output instead of just RF output on ch 3/4. A lot of analog TV sets do not tune channels below 7 well.

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