TwitterPeek: “Epic fail of the week?"

TwitterPeek Twitter Peek mobile device


For Twitter addicts who relish the thought of having another expensive mobile device clunking around in their pocket or bag, TwitterPeek is for you. Released yesterday by Peek Inc., TwitterPeek looks like a smart phone with a full QWERTY keyboard but connects only to Twitter. No phone. No emails. Just Twitter. Price: $100 for the device including 6 months of wireless service. After that, service runs $8 a month. (For $200 you can get the TwitterPeek plus a lifetime service plan.)

Peek seems to be building a name for itself as a maker of single-function mobile gadgets. The company’s Peek Classic ($20 plus a $15/month service plan) just sends and receives email. The Peek Pronto ($60 plus service plan) emails and also allows unlimited texting.

You could make a case for the efficacy of the Peek Classic and Pronto, given the high cost of many data plans for smart phones. The idea behind TwitterPeek, on the other hand, is one even some of the Twitterati have trouble understanding. From the Wall Street Journal:

“On Twitter, it’s attracting its fair share of skeptics. “TwitterPeek is my vote for epic fail of the week,” Josho2001 tweeted. “I don’t see this having much demand. Two words: Smart. Phone,” wrote Marie Goltara. A third Twitter user, Nelanka, added, “TwitterPeek is the final sign that the end is near. I figured this would have come out around 2012.”

If you’re savvy enough to be a dedicated Twitterer, isn’t it also likely you’d be capable of tweeting (for free) from your cell or smart phone?