Show & tell: New video buying guide for LCD and plasma TVs

Just in time for holiday shopping, we’ve created a new video that tells you what to look for when buying a new LCD or plasma TV.

This hot-off-the-presses how-to video takes you inside the Consumer Reports labs, where our experts give you a firsthand look at the most important aspects of TV testing and explain how you can use those results to choose the best TV. Get guidance on TV size and the merits of LCD TVs vs. plasma TVs. Among the topics covered are 120Hz and 240Hz, LED backlights, and 1080p resolution. You’ll also get need-to-know pointers on viewing angle, HDMI inputs, screen reflectivity, plasma burn-in, and more.

The video is available free to all visitors. Subscribers can also get specific TV Ratings and reviews, along with our reliability history, which tells you which brands have experienced the fewest repairs, according to many thousands of consumers.

We’ll be posting new TV Ratings within a week or so. Check back for the latest models soon. — Eileen McCooey

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