Daily Dispatch: Recycle small electronics at the PO; Holiday savings with Google Checkout


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Recycle small electronics for free through the USPS (unclutterer)
The unclutterer reminds us that the USPS allows you to recycle small consumer electronics (inkjet cartridges, cell phones, digital cameras etc.) for free via postage-paid mailers. Look for them at your local Post Office.

What Does a Black Friday Look Like on eBay (Digital Inspiration)

…Now if you ever wondered what a Black Friday looks like on eBay (1 million transactions in less than 24 hours or around 12 transactions per second), check this interesting heat map on Facebook that captures all the buying-selling activity on eBay across the US on Black Friday.

Holiday Savings with (Google) Checkout (Official Google Blog

This holiday season, Google Checkout can help you save time and money. You can shop quickly and easily with one secure login for thousands of stores across the web. And through December 17, save with exclusive discounts of $5, $10 or $20 at hundreds of participating stores, including TigerDirect.com, BlueNile.com and Petco.com.

Dying career: traffic helicopter pilot (Scobleizer)
Robert Scoble drives around Palo Alto in this video getting a demo of Waze, a crowdsourced traffic application that innovates in its display and collection of traffic data.

Simply Split the Bill (Geeky Gadgets)
This design study offers a way to simplify bill splitting when you share a meal with friends or co-workers.

Nissan's Scratch Shield paint coming to cellphones, invisibleSHIELD feels threatened (engadget)

…In theory, at least, the flexible clearcoat will enable certain light scratches to actually heal themselves over time, and the paint itself is tougher to scratch to begin with.

Zappos Launches interactive product videos
A visit to the Zappos Nike page brings up the clickable, interactive videos that Zappos is testing.


Lighter Side: Check out this video advertisement for the UK's Sun, which claims to be the UK's best handheld for the past 40 years.

…No waiting for pages to load, no contract, no losing reception.