Computer and Tech News Briefs

Here are some of the consumer electronics and computer technology news headlines that caught our eyes this morning:

Reactions to iPhone 3.0
The new operating system for Apple’s iPhone, unveiled yesterday, is generating a lot of buzz online. Apple fans can find a comprehensive list of the upcoming features and fixes for the iPhone over at MacWorld. We focused on some of the more interesting iPhone 3.0 features—and what was still lacking from our Monday wishlist of iPhone fixes.
The take away: Like you, the average consumer, we’ll have to wait until Apple officially releases the new iPhone software (sometime this summer) before we can fully evaluate the new features and fixes. (The upgrade will be free for iPhone owners, but iPod Touch owners will have to pay $10.) But what do you think? Were there other features you wished Apple would have included in iPhone 3.0? Weigh in below.

Acer enters the smart phone market
Acer, a name (slightly) better known for computers, is getting into the smart phone arena says PC World. The official Acer press release (from February 2009) is light on the details, but PC World has some hands-on details of Acer’s F900 and M900.
The take away: Since there’s been no announcement on which wireless service provider will offer the Acer phones, we’ll keep an eye out for the Acer phones. In the meantime, don’t be surprised if more computer brands jump in to the cell phone business, according to the New York Times. What do you think? Will Acer or anybody else be able to build a smart phone that will knock the iPhone down?

A colorful competitor to the Kindle?
Both Engadget and Gizmodo bring news of an electronic book called FLEPia. Developed by Fujitsu, it’s similar in many respects to the Amazon Kindle we reviewed earlier. The biggest difference: The FLEPia’s display can reproduce over 260,000 colors to Kindle’s 16 shades of gray. Oh, and let’s not forget the price tag: 99,750 Yen—or just over $1,000 (U.S.)
The take away: The FLEPia is available only in Japan at the moment and its unlikely it’ll make its way to U.S. shores. (And at for its four-figure price tag, gadget hounds would probably be better off buying two netbooks anyway.) Still, we can’t help but wonder: Would a color-capable e-book device be just the ticket to spark the paper-less book revolution? (On a related note, Discovery Communications—the parent company of cable TV’s Discovery Channel—has filed a complaint against Amazon, stating the Kindle violates its patents on security and copy-protection for e-books.)

Panasonic’s plans for LCD TVs
And finally, in case you missed it, Jim Willcox posted an entry earlier today that highlights what the TV-maker has in store for those still shopping for an LCD HDTV this year. Check out his post, Panasonic’s 2009 LCD HDTVs add 120Hz technology, iPod docks.