18 Apple product alternatives

There are three kinds of people in this world: people who love and own Apple products; people who love but can't afford Apple products; and people who—for whatever reason—absolutely loathe anything branded with the fruit. Here's something for the latter two groups.

PCMag has compiled a list of 18 Apple product alternatives, from phones to media players to laptops.  Apple-lovers may turn up their noses at the selection, but others will find a number of respectable devices, often with lower pricetags.

Added bonus for ConsumerReports.org subscribers: We've tested many of PCMag's suggested products (in addition to all the Apples). See how they fared in our Ratings of MP3 players/portable media players, laptop Ratings, desktop Ratings, and smart phone Ratings.

Got any other Apple alternatives to share?

—Nick K. Mandle