Tips for better DTV reception

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[ Photo courtesy of Mykl Roventine ]

Evidently the DTV transition on June 12 didn’t disrupt life as we know it, judging by most reports we’ve seen. But two weeks into it, we’re still hearing from consumers who are having problems getting some of the digital channels available in their market.
Here’s some advice from the FCC, which has been tracking problems presented to their experts at support centers or via the toll-free help line (1-888-CALL-FCC), which is still in operation.

Many stations changed their frequency on June 12, but the old frequency might still be stored in the memory of your digital converter box or digital TV—even if you rescanned after the transition. To clear the memory, you need to run a “double rescan,” in effect, rebooting the system to wipe the slate clean.

The problem could also lie with your antenna. You might need to relocate or adjust the one you have or get a different type. As the FCC points out, one of the most popular spots for indoor antennas–on top of the TV– may not be the best spot. A location higher up or near a window, and away from electronic equipment, may provide better reception. You’ll find many useful pointers in the FCC’s factsheets on antennas and reception. —Eileen McCooey