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The Palm Pre on sale Saturday from Sprint (alone—got that?)

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The Palm Pre smart phone, available tomorrow exclusively from Sprint.

The Palm Pre hits stores tomorrow—and Sprint, its exclusive carrier, is trying to dampen expectations that the much-anticipated smart phone will soon be sold by other carriers, as well. 

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse told CNET that reports, like one from Reuters, that the Pre would be available from other carriers in six months or so were inaccurate. Though Hesse wouldn't specify the length of the exclusivity deal, he's reported as saying "it isn't six months."

Sprint is clearly hoping the Pre, which will cost $200, will help turn around both their image and subscriber numbers, both of which have taken a hit in recent years due to factors including their low scores in our Ratings of cell phone providers (available to subscribers). 

Promising as the Pre is—we praised it in our early look at the device—the level of buzz about the device is surprising some, including retailers that our cell phone shopper spoke with today. Our shopper plans to be out early tomorrow to shop for his phone. (We plan to buy the Pre at retail, just like any other consumer.)

If you, too, are shopping for a Pre, you also want to move quickly.  A Sprint spokesman told PC Magazine today that "there will not be shortages immediately, but eventually this product will end up being constrained." As in supplies may be fine tomorrow, but stores may not have more phones after the first shipment of the Pre sells out. The phone is being sold at Sprint's retail outlets and at Best Buy and Radio Shack stores.

We plan to post a video on the Pre on Monday. —Paul Reynolds

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