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Three Types of Channel Scanners

Friday afternoon or evening, everyone using an antenna must perform a channel scan on your DTV converter box or TV. Every DTV receiver has two modes to scan channels, a full scan and a quick scan. Friday you need to perform a full scan.

A full scan usually wipes out all previous channels stored in the box, and looks for new channels. That’s exactly what you want to do Friday, since WNCN for example will switch from channel 55 to 17, you don’t want the old 55 to stay in the memory. It will store just the current active channels.

A quick scan, or add channels mode, will keep the current stored channels, and add any new channels it finds. This is useful if you have a rotor, or turn your antenna in another direction, it will pick up signals in the new direction, and keep those in another direction. This is the mode you’ll use monthly or so, after the switch. As weather conditions change, you may be able to pick up more stations.

Every week, I run into someone that either 1- Scans often, 2- refuses to re-scan when issues arise, and 3- have no clue why or how to scan for channels.

1- It’s a really good idea to re-scan in the add mode on a regular basis. These boxes are similar to a computer in that it is digital and┬ásusceptible┬áto power glitches and basic routinely losing it’s mind. I highly recommend a battery back-up or UPS and a surge suppressor on these units. Even when the box is turned off, it can still be collecting the guide data and in a standby mode, instead of powered completely off. Power disturbance such as bumps and lightning strikes can wipe out the memory or portions of the memory.

2- I have encounter several folks that refused to re-scan. I have never gotten a good reason from them for not doing it. I do caution on a TV set it can take up to 30 minutes to complete a scan since it goes through analog channels, cable mode, and digital scans. I still see no reason not to start the scan before bedtime, and it will be complete when you awake, or while you’re at work.

3- Dunno how. Don’t want to read the instructions. Well, I hope you have a 6 year old to help you. One issue a lady in Durham has encountered I should mention. She called for help with setting up her box. When she selects channel 3 on the TV, it jumps back to the last used channel after a few seconds. You may have to manually add channel 3 to your TV before you can properly setup your box.

We’ll have our phone bank set up next week to help you get ready for Friday’s switch during our 6 PM and 7 PM newscasts. I have invited a special guest each night to join us and discuss all the options. They will be answering phones as well. I’ll also be streaming “behind the scenes” on the video tab above, or use keyword dtv on, and my video channel on www.livestream/mvnn. You can use the chat feature on the stream, as well as YIM or AIM to chat to me, DTVRuss.

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