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dish network usa
sandyy asked:

i have Dish Network so i didn’t know what channel or what time miss teen usa was going to be on so, please help.

1. what channel on dish network
2. what time
3. is there actually going to be a re- run?!
if there isn’t just answer the first two i guess (in past-tense)
oh yeah… thanks!
oh yeah… thanks!
haha… yea sorry i was bored


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How much does Dish cost?

dish network usa
Someone asked:

My mom recently canceled expanded basic for Comcast since it was too expensive. So, now we have basic, some Chinese channels I don’t watch, and the starz package that I rarely watch. I used to watch Disney Channel(i’m a little kid on the inside : )) Nick, Cartoon Network, Lifetime, USA,Comendy Central,ABC family. How much would Dish cost with all those channels?
I live in USA
and KTSF news channel, since my parents are chinese and love that channel.


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Who will broadcast IPL 2009 in the USA?

dish network usa
Hershy asked:

Does dish network have a channel?


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i have dish network usa but i did not find any cricket channels except zee sports?

dish network usa
MR. Cricketer asked:

i want to watch live cricket but there is no cricket channels except zee sports. if someone knows the cricket channel and tell me the channel number and name please i want to watch every match.


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Who is showing the Asia Cup 2008 on Dish Network USA?

dish network usa
Haroon C asked:

I want to know what channel the Asia Cup will broadcast, such as Zee Sports, ARY Digital, GEO, or etc. Please give me some helpful information.


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