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Daily Dispatch: Share your purchase info electronically; Most popular Thanksgiving food searches, by state


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Going Shopping Today? Share What You #JustBought With All Your Friends (TechCrunch)

…So if you stumble on what looks to be a good deal today, inform you friends and have them help you decide using the website or the accompanying free iPhone app, if you’re into the whole social shopping thing.

What's Cooking on Thanksgiving (New York Times)
The New York Times provides infographics displaying the search popularity of various food terms on and the geographic location of the corresponding searches broken down by state.

As cooks turn to the Web for Thanksgiving recipes, the terms they enter into search engines can provide clues to what dishes are being cooked around the nation. On Wednesday on, “sweet potato casserole” was by far the most common search term nationwide. It was tops in 36 of the 50 states and easily outpaced the No. 2 entry, “pumpkin pie.”

Strange Bedfellows: eBay And Microsoft Team Up To Offer Daily Deals To IE8 Users (TechCrunch)

In time for Black Friday, Microsoft and eBay are partnering to offer eBay Daily Deals to Internet Explorer 8 users directly from the browser. Via a Internet Explorer Web Slice, Microsoft will offer users the best “Daily Deals” from eBay from within the browser.

Researcher's labour of love leads to MS breakthrough (Globe and Mail)

…What he learned in his medical detective work, scouring dusty old books and using ultra-modern imaging techniques, could well turn what we know about MS on its head: Dr. Zamboni's research suggests that MS is not, as widely believed, an autoimmune condition, but a vascular disease.

Lighter side: World’s First Ever Undersea Restaurant – Ithaa (freshome)

The restaurant sits 5 meters below the sea and is surrounded by vibrant coral reef offering a 270 degrees of panoramic underwater views.

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